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About Us

Welcome to Dream Spa – where expertise meets rejuvenation.

At the heart of our medical spa is Kenya Leyva, an accomplished RN/BSN/APRN with a rich background in various medical fields. With over 8 years of diverse experience, Kenya brings a unique blend of medical knowledge and aesthetic expertise to our spa.

Aesthetic Expertise

Kenya’s journey in the aesthetic world began in Doral, FL, where she served as an Aesthetician Nurse. During this tenure, she met with patients to understand their cosmetic aspirations, providing tailored recommendations based on individual needs. Her proficiency spans a range of non-surgical treatments, including:

-Botox injections

-Dermal fillers

-Chemical peels


-Laser hair removal

-Skin rejuvenation treatments

-IV infusions


In surgical settings, she has assisted renowned plastic surgeons, ensuring that every procedure is executed flawlessly. Post-procedure care, a vital aspect of aesthetic treatments, is her forte. She diligently provides aftercare guidelines, monitors recovery, and addresses any concerns, ensuring that every patient’s journey is smooth and satisfying.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is paramount at Dream Spa. Kenya emphasizes the importance of a sterile environment, ensuring that all equipment is sterilized and treatment rooms are pristine.

Educational Background & Certifications

Kenya’s educational background is a testament to her dedication to her profession. She graduated with honors from the Family Nurse Practitioner program at South University in 2022. Her credentials also include:

-Associate of Science in Nursing from Dade Medical College

-Telemetry Certification from Nursing Unlimited

-Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University

-Master of Science – Family Nurse Practitioner from South University

-Certifications in Platelet-Rich Plasma with micro-needling, Plasma Pen/ Fibroblast, and Botox Injections


To cater to a diverse clientele, Kenya is bilingual, proficient in both English and Spanish.

Join us at Dream Spa and experience the perfect blend of medical expertise and aesthetic artistry.